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to support #TeamSeas ocean cleanup

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Shockwaves mint has ended

Shockwaves Policy ID: 07a1eccb577e4f9d0683b8f8f0bf1067db200653c40608fab1e609ad
Shockwaves Contributor’s Token Policy ID: 2fbe8ab48985e582fc6dbf5f18479e77f0ae4b7056b8ec9d00c51e7f

How to mint Cardano NFTs

  1. Create a Shelley-Era Cardano wallet and fund it with enough ADA. Examples of compatible wallets include CCVault, Nami, and Daedalus.
    • Never attempt to purchase an NFT from an exchange. They do not support them (and you can’t control your ADA staking)!
  2. Locate the “Send” tab in your chosen wallet, and identify the receiver/receiving address field.
  3. Return to this website, and click the Mint button.
    • You should see a mint window similar to the one shown on the right, but if your browser or device does not support Javascript you will be taken to a separate page with the same information.
  4. Click the copy button to copy the sale address to your clipboard, then paste the address into the receiver field. Enter 22 or a multiple of 22 up to 220 in the ADA amount field.
    • After pasting any crypto address, you should always check to ensure the last few characters of the address match what you copied.
  5. Click send, double-check that the details are correct, then enter your spending password and click send again.
  6. Depending on Cardano network load, you should expect to see your NFT within a few minutes to a few hours. If your transaction was received after the minting window closed, or for an amount of ADA that is not a multiple of 22, you will receive a refund instead.
  7. To view your NFTs, go to and paste your receiving address into the search field.
Screenshot of how to mint
Send tab in Daedalus Cardano Wallet

200 million tons of plastic trash

are circulating in our marine environment

with 11 million added each year,

including 1.5 billion face masks in 2020.

But it’s not too late to fix this!

was able to remove
30 million pounds
of trash by January 1, 2022
with your help!

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