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MOB Lore

When the green bright light fell, it changed the City forever. It bathed the city gripped by poverty, violence, and chaos with a blinding wash of light. Along with its peculiar glow was the sudden disappearance of a hundred people from seemingly random places. It was September 5 of the year 20xx.

Then they returned. The hundred abducted, now masked, their eyes buttoned, and their physical forms hideously altered, came back as THE 100 ORIGINS. The City, still shocked by the arrival of a presence beyond their comprehension, were promised a way out of the collapse of their doing.

With the authority of an incomprehensible power, The 100 Origins spoke of eradicating poverty and destitution, under one condition. The citizens must wear masks and to let their eyes be sewn up by buttons – a small price for a people desperate for salvation.

Things moved quicker than human reason could keep up with. The 100 Origins swept through the government offices, military facilities, schools, and other centers of power. To facilitate the masking, buttoning, and domination of the population, they spoke of a health crisis that necessitates the mandatory wearing of face masks and buttons. Those who did not comply were handled with surgical efficiency.

But any system, no matter how efficient, is bound to have some anomalies. A vocal minority of deviants, still un-gagged with masks and buttons, resisted The 100 Origins’ system of control. One of them is the Forbidden One who possesses all the powers of the 100 Origins while retaining his sense of self. Underneath his repulsive features and inhuman power is a human still capable of independent thought. Before being caught, masked, and buttoned, he saw the true form of The 100 Origins, which proved to be his gravest crime.

Using the strength and cunning that he obtained from The 100 Origins, The Forbidden One managed to escape as a fugitive. After weeks of hiding in the city’s many dark alleys, the Founders of the resistance found him and enlisted him to their side. Now an unlikely symbol of hope, he was marked by the alien lords as the figurehead of a rebellion that they aim to crush. The MOB City is now on the brink of a bloody final conflict whose details are yet to be unmasked.

Lore by: MOB Community
Edited by: DIEM & L

MOB Benefits

Masked on Buttons is a community-driven lore art collection: original digital art, animation, and soundtracks stored on the Cardano Blockchain.

Holding a MOB NFT grants you access to our community and exclusive perks!

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Holding MOB grants you access to our

Sewing Machine System

Get Whitelist Spots
Win NFTs
Earn $ADA

100 Origins

The 100 Origins is the genesis collection of masked on buttons which features 100 digitally hand-drawn, button-eyed, strangely colored characters wearing awesome face masks. Each origin is unique with several attributes and rarities.

The collection is sold out.

Masked On Buttons - The 100 Origins

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The MOB LORE HUNT features 3999 digitally hand-drawn, button-eyed, strangely colored characters wearing awesome face masks. Each Lore Hunt MOB has a hidden lore snippet.

The collection is sold out.

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MOB CITY is a collection of animated NFTs with original MOB soundtrack!

Get your map. Explore the city. Join the hunt.

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